We are aware of a number of people seeing messages in their browser about "outdated security configuration... TLS1.1". Any entry and payment information you submit IS ENCRYPTED and you can click "Advanced" and then "Proceed to www.fossedata.co.uk" to do your entry as normal. We have a new website launching in summer 2021 with the latest security and new features for entrants.
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Services provided

Data handling is charged at a fixed fee per dog which includes the following:

  • Numbering of entry forms
  • Compilation of catalogue from entry forms (which need not be pre-sorted), checking the classes entered for age, sex, breed or variety
  • Telephone calls to exhibitors concerning queries on entry forms
  • Summary catalogue
  • Accounts reports
  • Optional reports (if requested)

The use of an up-to-date database system combined with Desk Top Publishing techniques has enabled us to reduce our printing costs considerably. As data input is charged as a separate item, your total cost is dependent upon the number of dogs entered rather than the number of catalogues required - a much more realistic and fairer pricing system we believe.

In some instances, it may appear that you are paying more [dependent upon entry] but if you take into consideration the increased profit on catalogue sales you will find that in real terms our costs have not increased.

It is, therefore, advantageous to include pre-paid catalogues on your entry form. Advertising in the catalogue is a good way of offsetting the cost of Schedules as long as the price is realistic, otherwise you may find that the Society is subsidising the advert.

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For further information, questions or advice on the services offered please call now on 01788 860 960 or contact here. Contact us
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